The Cult Of Thieves (Oxygen Thieves That Is)
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Welcome to The Cult Of Thieves.  Please, take a look around, wedge of cheese?  This site is dedicated to my vision.  I saw the light, the truth in this world.  I realized that I shouldn't let intelligent people (known from now on as smartays) insult me with big words and proper spelling.
Please, sit down and listen while I tell you about my discoveries.

People shouting at the world over megaphones; Size=240 pixels wide

See how happy they are?  They are taking the oxygen from the intelligent man, showing him who's boss for once!  We will take back what's rightfully ours!  We will expulse the intelligent, funny people and reclaim this world for our own!  No longer will we be frowned upon for flinging our own poop at each other from treetop to treetop!  No longer will we be buried under books filled with these words that mean nothing to us!  Preisen sie Deutschland, wir sind rein!  Heil Hitle.......I mean, um........yes.
We will rid the world of the intelligent life by stealing all of the good air.

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