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Time to educate the world on the ever-so-"ugly" Marijuana!

Ok so I go to the Freevibe website (an anti-drug website) and email them, bantering on about how marijuana isn't necessarily dangerous to people and they shouldn't slam it so much.
This is the email I get in response:
Thank you for sharing your opinion with us at Freevibe.

Our site reaches out to kids specifically between the ages of 9-18, so we will never advocate anything that is illegal or harmful for our audience.  We appreciate your taking the time to explain your stance and hope you understand ours.

If you want to know more about Freevibe, Freevibe is part of the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign , which is a Campaign run by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy

Thanks -- Freevibe
Now I can understand that they want to educate kids on the possible effects of marijuana, but they're treating it like IT'S the bad guy.  The whole thing is that marijuana is only POTENTIALLY dangerous to people.  It, just like alcohol, can be used responsibly and when it is abused, it'll abuse you back even worse.
It's a conscious decision you make, whether or not you'll abuse it, and to blame the marijuana isn't going to solve anything.  Kids will just see it and rebel against it like they do anything that is taken from them.  I'm not saying they shouldn't have things like in this world, they just shouldn't use their current strategy.  Personally, I smoke pot on a fairly regular basis, but I use it responsibly enough that it's not taking over my life or anything. 
Marijuana isn't the evil in the world, it's the unreachable benchmarks that are placed by people.  Everyone wants to be physically sexy, rich, powerful, and accepted by their peers.  It just so happens that from time to time marijuana gets caught in the middle of that whole mess.  I remember when I started smoking pot, it wasn't so that people would accept me, I did it because I had been drunk before and so I wanted to get a taste of being stoned.  It was all about experimenting with new sensations and that's all I really get out of being stoned.  I'm not smoking up because people expect me to, or because I wanna look cool.  Well, c'mon, how could you not think someone who's completely stoned out of their mind isn't cool?  It's like seeing a homeless drunk bantering on about the good old days and asking for cigarettes/change for a coffee.  Well, it's not THAT bad but I've seen some pretty messed up stoners.
Also, this whole "You look like a loser when you do drugs" is just another benchmark for people to measure their coolness by.  People are going to see a stoner and be like "He's SO NOT cool" and judge that person completely on the fact that they do drugs, this is unacceptable. 
I've lived my entire life having people stare at me on a regular basis, I am a goth afterall.  I have gotten used to being the societal outcast, so to speak, and therefore have surpassed the need to be "cool" and accepted.  I'm just me and that's all I really need in my life.  If I lived on the streets, I'd still feel the same as I do right now in my warm house. 
I wouldn't judge myself like that, saying that I'm not cool and all that since I don't really believe there's such a thing as cool, it's one of those abstract concepts like "sanity".  These things are only relative, sanity is only measured by what's considered to be "normal", "normal" in turn is only measured by the majority, therefore, if the insane outnumbered the sane, then the insane would in turn become the "sane" if they so wished, since they would be the majority and have the most influence in the world.
Now that was a long compound sentence, lol.  Anyways, back to the point....
If I woke up tomorrow and there was no more weed in the world, I'd be like "Meh, whatever."  I wouldn't be commiting suicide or anything like that because I don't abuse weed and therefore don't NEED it.  I'll smoke up a couple of grams with some friends every week or so and get fucked out of my mind or whatever, but I don't sit there like "I NEED MORE!".  This is the image that these people give when they go on about how bad weed is.  They talk about how "Oh, it'll ruin your life, don't touch it!"  and all their bitching.  They have people send in emails and appear on commercials, talking about how pot ruined their lives and all their friends left them. 
If your friends left you because you started smoking some pot here and there, then you'd obviously need some better friends.  I have friends who don't smoke pot and friends who totally hate drugs of any kind, but they're still my friends even though they know I smoke pot.  They accept the fact that it's something I do, even though they don't agree with it.
Smoking pot to look cool or be popular isn't cool, it's lame as hell.  If you're going to smoke pot, then smoke pot.  You're not going to impress anyone important by lighting up a joint, you'll just look like an idiot because you bowed to peer pressure and most people will see it.  I know that I can see it when someone's just doing it to be cool, they're the people who can't control their pot smoking.  They smoke up every chance they get so they'll be REALLY cool, until they realize that if you smoke a shitload of pot all the time, or even just enough to get high everyday, you'll just be a burnout, and burnouts are total losers.
Just smoke responsibly, take it like drinking alcohol, it's not evil, you're just making a bad choice by abusing it.  Make the smart choice people, do you wanna be a burnout?