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Hard to think that we'll be replaced by something much dumber, slower, less efficient....

"All the world's problems can be blamed on sex and paper"

This is what I live my life by. This world's biggest problem is not war, it's not violence, it's not racism, sexism, anything like that at all. It's not the media, video games, comic books, anything like that that would be the cause of all our problems. It's simply the fact that this world is full of idiots and people need to understand that and accept it as a universal truth for us humans.

Idiots are easily manipulated and also make up the majority of the world's population, therefore if one intelligent person (or a group of intelligent people, i.e. Bush Admin.) can convince all those idiots that something is good, then they'll believe that it's good and will heavily affect all of us intelligent people.

Let's look at a hypothetical situation:

Say I presented a gun to someone and had no cruel intentions involved. If they took that gun and killed people with it, that's not my fault nor the gun's, nor violence itself. It's completely the fault of that person, it's just the way they perceived it to be.

If you just present something to someone and don't say a word about moral implications, then they shall develop no morals about it.

Now, let's look at another situation:

Say I hold that same gun out to someone else with the same intelligence, experiences, knowledge and say "This thing can kill a person, only use it in extreme cases of self-defense" and they understand and decide to take my advice, then they won't run around killing people with it......theoretically speaking of course.

This simply assumes that the person I'm handing that gun to is of average intelligence. The average intelligence level in the world today is between 70 and 90 IQ points. If you fall within a lower level than that, then technically you shouldn't exist according the survival of the fittest. If you're within that range but can still be taught things, then you can still live according to the survival of the fittest. You're still trying to survive even though the odds are stacked against you, fate normally favours these creatures, giving them great rewards for surviving a set amount of time.

However, if you're all wiggedy-whacked out and cruising around in your parents' BMW, goin' on about your ghetto lifestyle and being all pimped out when you're white as they come and live in the suburbs, you should be shot numerous times in the skull from point-blank range with a .50 cal magnum. That would be a sign of complete and utter stupidity and should never see the light of day. These kinds of people are what plague us, those pathetic hollow shells of human beings who hardly exist because they just can't think. You can see it in someone's eyes if they're stupid, they have that glossy, empty look all the time. They just fake their ways through life, just surviving for the sake of surviving.

These are the people who present the rest of us that major problem. It's not specifically wiggers who do it, just idiots in general. Anyone who has to fake their identity simply because they couldn't think enough to create a real psyche should literally not exist. They're the people who bring unnecessary violence like the war on iraq. All those soldiers who walked out there and killed all of those people overseas simply because they were taking orders show signs of complete idiocy. This is why I would never enlist in the American military, I just know better than to trust the american government. They went and killed those people, do they know why they did it? If they didn't then they can sit on the fence of extermination for a while, but if they truly believe that Bush is doing the right thing, then they should be killed on the spot.

Bush is one of those blithering idiots I wish were never born. He's not even good at being corrupt. The man goes and presents complete drivel to the masses, the media proves him wrong time and time again, yet he still denies corruption. We all know what he's doing, this is why we're not giving him support. They went even as far as to turn people against the french. I took SERIOUS offense to people's french jokes and insults. Just because they didn't want to partake in a bloodbath geared towards world domination doesn't mean they're wusses and assholes. This started a mass chain-reaction of idiots making jokes about it, just like Janet Jackson and the "Costume Malfunction" causing mass-media attention and many a stab at the joke. I saw a good 4 or 5 shows make a costume malfunction reference within the following day or two. This is a sign of how the media and government has a complete death-like grasp on the partially-developed psyche of idiots, idiots driving more idiots on to make more jokes.

Everytime someone made a joke about the french and thought it was legitimately funny or used it as an actual insult, they just painted a target on their forehead. I wanted to pummel their face in for saying it, but instead from that point on, I always referred to them as a complete idiot. (I'm not referring to jokes about them not shaving armpits or whatever, I don't care about those ones, just "cheese-eating surrenderers" was a huge piss-off for me)