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I don't care what you say, Americans are idiots.

They have the highest rate of annual deaths by firearms, they've had the world's dumbest leaders, and are the butt-end of every other country's joke.  They are americans and the entire world hates them.  Forget the french, forget the russians, forget the mexicans;  Americans have legitimate reason for EVERYONE to hate them.
Why wouldn't you hate them?  They're arrogant, uneducated, afraid, confused, uncultured, unarticulated, and uncool in general.  I don't mean ALL of them, (by law of averages) there has to be at least SOME people down there who have half a brain.  I've met maybe 2 americans I've liked in any way, shape, or form.  The rest of them that I talk to on almost a daily basis are complete idiots, they're childish assholes, and they're pathetic crack whores and wiggers.
Then you look at us Canadians and we're fucking saints compared to them.  We do have our share of crime, but we average about 165 deaths by firearms per year (as opposed to the US's 11,000+ annually).  Our media doesn't fill our public with fear, showing violent crime after violent crime happening in our areas.  They just don't happen often enough, we're much better peacekeepers.  We support countries that truly deserve it, or at least we never intend to cause any trouble.
We're not a bunch of crazy gun-toting psychopaths and insecure paranoid timebombs loaded to the teeth.  We're not full of extremist hate, major KKK groups, terrorist groups, anything of the like.  We're a peaceful country caught beside the biggest, dumbest, axe-wielding orc to ever exist in the history of civilization.  At the first sign of full-scale world war, I'm headed straight over for Switzerland.  I could just never live near such a horrible country as the US has been.  They do nothing but crush and destroy and perform dirty, underhanded little schemes in the background and conspiracies. 
I could never live under a government that I'm deathly afraid of.  No, I don't mean Bush, he's just a puppet.  Whoever it is that holds the REAL power in the US is who scares me.
Now, I may not be as well versed in this topic as other social commentators, but I still have the ability to point out something wrong.  I may not be able to put it all properly into words and hey, there's always room for error on statistics, but I still see that something (actually, a lot of things) wrong with Americans in general.
They're simply a mass of zombies who are being turned more and more into cold, unfeeling, killing machines.  Your spirits are broken, you're told what to believe, how to live, what to do, what to think, you're given a gun, and sent out into the battlefield to die just so that some lackies in an office can get more and more power.  An almost unstoppable force of mindless drones trained specifically to kill.  People become more and more desensitized to everything, then they're riled up in a rally, a bloodlust, a killing spree.  They fear not death since they are dying for the "better good", this makes them very effective warriors.  It's exactly like fighting zombies.  You can shoot at them all day and miss by inches but they'd just keep pressing because they have no emotions, so they have no more fear.
They're a bunch of soulless bastards with a couple of humans here and there.
Fuck the US, fuck them in their stupid asses viciously.