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About a month ago I read an interview in Access magazine (go free magazines!) with Kittie.  Now, the entire conversation revolved around really sensitive areas and basically the interviewer was completely naive and ignorant towards them.  She asked about Fallon (never ask a band about a member who leaves), then she kept on bringing up the whole women's rights bit and whatnot.  Now, the first time she said it, that was fine, Morgan retorted and that should have been that.  Of course, being the ignorant interviewer she was, she kept on pressing with the women's rights bit and basically Morgan was telling her that the only reason why women seem to be treated as less than men is because of the fact that people like her keep bringing it back up, making it an issue.  Things like that only get their power through people giving them power by talking about them or by thinking about them.  Reality is simply perception and I found that the reality that Kittie's in is the right one, as opposed to the interviewer (I won't release her name for....I'm not exactly sure why, something legal, lol) who was still stuck in this concept that society treats women like slaves all the time and that men are apparently in power.  So the entire interview was basically Morgan, Mercedes, and Talena getting pissed off because the interviewer was a total loser and thought nothing of what the girls were trying to say.  That kind of ignorance and stupidity is something I don't tolerate in the media, they should make people get like liscences to do interviews or something, get them educated and make them empathetic.

That's my two cents....

Talena and Morgan