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Ever feel out of place in Yahoo chat?  I know I have, and anyone else who has half a brain feels out of place in the midst of all those hicks and yuppie losers.  Here's the rulebook, handwritten by me (I'm so neat!) based upon 3 years of chatting on Yahoo.  Follow these rules and you'll own rooms soon enough.

1.  Everyone on there is a complete waste of life.
This means that everyone is inferior to you, therefore you must exploit this fact, insulting the others on a regular basis.
2.  The best way to fit in is to fight.
Think of it like fight club, you've gotta carve your initials in someone else's ass to get people to talk to ya.  Make someone your personal bitch, any means necessary.  Personally, I pose as a beautiful bisexual woman, so every pathetic excuse for a man or lesbian bows down before me and does whatever I tell them to do.  hehehehehehe
3.  Everyone is dumber than you.
Sorry, I just like to state that one a lot.  hehehehehehe
4.  Cybersex is for complete wastes of human flesh.
Like, WTF?  How exactly does this get me off?  You're not really eating my shit at any rate so stop wasting my time......I mean, sucking my cock, yes........that's the ticket!
5.  Everyone else there is dumber than you are!!!!
How many different ways can I say it?  Just take advantage of everyone you can, that's why it's there.  Insult anyone who says anything half-witty, does spam/scrolling, breathes, etc.  Always pose as someone of the opposite sex, get someone pathetic (easy enough to find) and get them to jerk it for ya.  Go to and read the law suits and death threats section under special olympics, you'll see what I mean.