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Top Tens!!!

Top 10 bands
1.  Ok normally I'd have Kittie up here, but after reading what happened to Talena (who just happened to be my favourite member and one of the hottest women in the world), I just can't excuse the rest of them for what happened.  So Kittie is no more for me, I already sold my CD's and everything, lost total faith in them as a band.  So yeah, I'd probably put Rammstein up here for now.
2.  Nightwish
3.  Lacuna Coil
4.  Old school Metallica
5.  Cannibal Corpse
6.  Amphibious Assault (You'd be higher up Fallon if your album was out now, don't worry though, it'll be up there soon enough)
7.  Scratching Post
8.  Lollipop Lust Kill
9.  Swollen Members
10.  Black Sabbath

Top Pop Artist(s)
Top Hip Hop Artist(s)
Swollen Members
Top Electronica Artist(s)
Crystal Method
Amphibious Assault

Top Punk Artist(s)
The Distillers
Top Old School Artist(s)
Old School Metallica
And Finally, Who I Think Will Make It This Year?
Scratching Post
Amphibious Assault