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Everything you've ever wanted to know about me...

Name: Doug Gallant
DOB: 1982/04/12
Sign: Saggitarius
Favourite Band: Kittie
Role Models: Marilyn Manson and Madonna
Fantasy Babe: Definitely a toss-up between Amy Dumas (WWE's Lita) and Talena Atfield
Single?: Yes, very muchly so, my hands get
Biggest Turnoff(s): Preaching of any kind, doesn't matter what it is.
Women liking male bands just because the lead singer is hot or some crap like that
Biggest Turnon(s): A woman who can be a total bitch when she wants to be and isn't afraid to say anything.  Anything goth or punk, rock on!
Favourite Drink: Definitely a Brain Hemorrhage.  It's so disturbingly good...mmmm....brains....
Dumbest thing ever done:  Well it was my first time being stoned and we wanted to go to the pool to go for a swim.  We had to climb some pipes and go over a rooftop to get to the pool because it was fenced in.  I got on the roof-top, took one look down, and fell off....faceplanted on the pavement.  Got up, wiped some blood off my face, and then climbed back up.  Everyone was like "Are you ok?", and I was like "uh, yeah....why?", meanwhile I was like pouring blood from my face.
Biggest Accomplishment:  I've been nominated by the International Society Of Poets for Poet Of The Year for 2002, I've been published 3 times so far for my poetry.  Writing is my life.
Deepest Regret: Not finishing High School normally and not finishing College.  Now I flip burgers for a living and cling to my dreams of one day becoming a rock star.
Best piece of advice:"Don't do stupid shit, it may be funny at first, but you'll end up regretting it in the end."