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Welcome to the partially hidden legal part of this site.

This site was designed by Super Gaijin 5000 and is a (poor) work of satirical humour.  The email address included of the other person in question is real.  However, he did release it to the public by emailing me.  Therefore, there are no legal implications involved with this site, especially since I've added this page.  Anyone with half a brain should've noticed this link and so now here you are.
In the case of said MotoX person or anyone else for that matter attempting to take legal action against me over this site, I shall simply have to refer to my middle finger.
Websites such as this are created on almost a daily basis and all of them which have followed the legal guidelines as I have, along with captain obvious and many other satirical site designers who are much more talented than myself, have never had a single legal problem.  There is no law against being funny, unless you're dutch.