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Why do I even say that these are a monthly thing?
Anyways.....this "month"'s album review will be on....
(drum roll)
"Safe" - Kittie's new E.P.


Ok so there's still no new full length album from these people, but then again, they're changing more than Michael Jackson nowadays.  First, Tanya left the band before their first tour and they replaced her with Talena.  Then, Fallon left the band before Oracle was released.  Finally, after Oracle and some touring, Talena left the band.  The band was in some trouble, they couldn't use two techs on stage.  So they picked up Jennifer J. Arroyo (previously of defunct Washington based band, SPiNE) as a bassist.  They did some more touring and ended up releasing this E.P.
"Safe" features live versions of "What I've Always Wanted" and other Oracle songs.  It also contains live footage of "Charlotte", "Wolves", and "Mouthful Of Poison".  Then there's the main reason why you bought the E.P.  The remix of Safe by Sascha of KMFDM.  It's a great remix and it totally changes the song around.  I personally think that Kittie should be more of an industrial band nowadays, they seem to have a perfect sound for it.
Now, I have bitched in the past about Enhanced CD's containing videos using piss-ass decompressors.  These albums would be "Here We Go" by Tuuli and "Reanimation" by Linkin Park.  These albums are great, except for the extra content on them.  Now, I'm running a Pentium 166 with 64 megs of Ram.  My video card is a coffee table coaster and, well, you get the picture.....it sucks.  Now, I ran the special features on the "Safe" E.P., expecting to get the same result.....but no, they once again used the CDK 2 video player.  Running the videos at full screen with crisp sound and video quality (no blockyness), there wasn't a single moment of chopiness in them.  The CD never slowed down and revved back up or any of that garbage.  There was no big complicated menu, since they didn't need it.  The whole thing runs from your web browser and with hardly any system resources used.
I'd give it a 7/10 simply because it wasn't anything new from them, though I am still impressed with everything else.  It's a great CD to buy if you're a fan of Kittie, if not, then just buy Oracle for heavy music or Spit for more frantic music to start with.
Hopefully Kittie can get themselves back together and release a new album, they're still my favourite Canadian band.