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Too Hot Or Not?
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Time to tackle the next big subject.....sexuality.

Ok so I was watching Much Music and they were showing that "Too Hot Or Not?" special, which is why I titled this article the same.
For those who aren't all that familiar with the topic, it's all about whether or not people are going too far in the music industry with their videos as far as sexuality is considered.
Personally, I have no real problem with the amount of sexality I see on TV, but then again, I don't care about many things unless:
a) I get a chance to insult someone
b) I get a chance to score with someone
c) I get to bitch about something
d) The rare chance that I actually care about the topic
Somehow, I see this as a perfect opportunity, perhaps filling out all these requirements.
Okay, well, the people on the show actually made some good points, especially when someone mentioned that perhaps the sexuality isn't wrong so far as just being sexuality.  Rather, it's not so good in the sense that the sexuality is so one-dimensional, it only shows attratctive half naked women prancing around and rubbing against things with orgasmic faces on.  They should be showing other sides of sexuality, since, well I'll have to agree with Eve on the fact that "Sexy isn't how you look, sexy is a state of mind".
Personally, I find some of the "sexiest women in the world" to be pretty fucking unattractive.  I think that Ashanti is ugly as shit and J-Lo isn't all that impressive, Gwen Stefani is ok sometimes, Britney looks too valley girlish, Christina......well.....the Lady Marmalade thing ruined it for me altogether, she looked like a fucking poodle in that video.
Well, I do think that sexuality is a bit rampant since it sells everything and anything basically.  People just can't seem to say no to attractive women and society has decided that a woman is attractive if she's thin and has a tight body, or even "better", a thin woman with a big ass.  Now, these are fine in a way, but everyone just wants to be that way because they see that and they see what happens to these people in the good sense.  Everyone, in the end, just wants to be accepted and the media just keeps changing this on a regular basis so no one can keep up, unfortunately, this creates many a problem amongst the general population.
I'm probably not making much sense because it is, like, 7AM and I haven't slept yet.  Don't worry, though, I'll probably come back when I'm awake and go "Holy shit, what was I even supposed to be writing about?" and change the whole thing or just pretend it never happened.
Ok so here it is, the media sucks, don't watch music videos because they're shit and there's nothing but T&A (well at least all the pop, hip hop, and R&B ones are).  Don't support these "Artists" who just use beautiful women to sell records and all that bull-fucking-shit *cough cough* NELLY *cough cough*.  Is it getting hot in here or did I just put more clothes on? 
Attention!  This is what happens to your brain when you don't sleep!  You don't make any sense whatsoever and everything you write is just shit.