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What happens when you try and stop something?  People get pissed.

Ever listen to a song, watch a show, or do anything at all and be fucked over by censorship?  Ever have that feeling of hollowness when you can't do whatever you want within basic legal limits?  Ever wanna throw a huge metal concert in your small town, only to be turned down because of the fact that THEY don't like the music?  Ever just wanna kill every fucking christian and old person who ever told you something was evil or wrong when it wasn't?  If you've answered at all to these, then you should continue reading this article. 
I like rebellion as much as the next person but too many idiots get in the way and poseurs-galor.  If you've got the 7th sense (the sense of idiots), then you can just pick them out manually and save yourself the time.  However, not everyone has that sense (fortunately, I have a highley attuned one).  I really shouldn't pick out the poseurs and idiots, though, they could serve as great shields since they'll do anything to look cool.  I'm sure they'll change their minds once they take a good beanbag-rifle shot or two to the chest or groin (hopefully the groin).
So why did they ever create those horrible little groups of old retarded christians anyways?  Because everything's about control.  If you control the media, then you control the world.  The world is full of enough idiots to make one intelligent person, enough said.
So therefore, if you can control the thoughts of idiots (easy enough, just humour them sometime), then you control the thoughts of the world's majority.  Therefore, anything political is easy to accomplish and you've got your own army of retards to do your bidding.
Nelly's allowed to sing about people getting naked, doing lines of cocaine (look in the lyrics, they're there), and smokin pot......yyyyyyyeeeeeeetttt Manson can't sing about the truth as he sees it?  Something intelligent gets rejected while the fucking band-aid(TM)-wearing porchmonkey of a sad excuse of a motherfucking "rapper" gets to talk about doing cocaine like it's cool.....hmmmm.....I wonder.....which is better for our children?  Letting them know how the world basically does work in reality or that cocaine is fun?!
Bitches, Bentley's, blunts, coke, sex with strangers, unattractive women dancing like morons while wearing corporately-endorsed clothing, little faggots dancing like idiots and have no singing talent whatso-ever, cheating on your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse, gangs, guns......all of these things are considered alright to be put out in the mainstream public......yet, works of ART will never get mainstream play because they're apparently "too offensive" for the public, always using children as a guilt trip.
It's not about being the most popular or most accepted or even winning at anything in general.  It's the fact that people never get anywhere NEAR the full story because censorship gets in the FUCKING WAY!
Have a good night.