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I have come to realize that ultimately in life, I'd be hanged for my opinions if it were allowed here in Canada.

Do you know what I'm sick and tired of?  I'm sick and tired of hearing that you shouldn't hit a woman if you're a man.  I'm tired of seeing crying, lying bitches in courtrooms, suing their ex-boyfriends because they were hit once for being a complete bitch.  Why can't men hit women?  Because women are claimed to be weaker.
Like it or not, the concept is based around the idea of women being much weaker creatures than men.  The whole being a gentleman around women just another way for pathetic hollow shells of human beings to jerk off better at night because they did something nice for an attractive woman.
Now, this system works fine so long as the women remain submissive (I'm not saying it should be like this, I'm just saying it'd work better).  But no, women had to fight for equal rights, and they managed to gain equal rights for voting, working, existing, the whole 9 yards.  However, they managed to keep the whole concept of a man not being able to hit a woman, therefore creating a double-standard for themselves.  They are completely protected at all times from everything and win more court-cases than the entire male population put together.  Ever see a man try and get custody of his children during a divorce?  It just doesn't happen, so we just don't try anymore.

The world's worst thing to be right now is a male caucasian. I'm part of the least fortunate people in the world right now. We're just herded around like cattle, we're all faceless drones sent out to the world to work. The white male has no power in this world unless they go and take it by force. Hmmm.....does this sound a little familiar? Oh wait, that's right, we're not slaves.....yet. Ethnic people get special treatment and if they don't receive it, then they bitch about it and say it's all racist and blah blah blah. Then the whole world looks at us white men and say "You guys are jerks!". Women get special treatment in this world and when they don't get it, they bitch about it and say it's all sexist and blah blah blah. Then the whole world looks at us white men and say "You guys are jerks!".

Personally, I don't care about what happened in the early 20th century with the slave-trading and all that. Really I don't care about it. Times were rough back then for those people and they fought back, they attained equal rights and that's great. To be using that card nowadays, though, is just fucking rediculous. Everytime I hear some black guy ranting on all pissed off about how his people were enslaved by my people and now they're just getting their justice or whatever, I just want to hit them really hard. Were you a slave? Did I ever enslave anyone? No. Therefore, I'm not going to shell out my tax dollars to give some ungrateful bastard a college education. They just want the free ride because they still believe they're entitled to it, like we're suppose to praise them as gods because they proved stupid white men wrong back near the start of the 20th century (like that would be hard).

So you fought for your freedom and won, that's nice. That was in the past, this is the present, get over it douchehole. I don't care if you grew up in the ghetto and all your friends were shot in some stupid drive-by because your baby's momma is someone else's woman. You're not going to see a cent from me because I don't feel like GIVING you money, I think you can do fine with EARNING it. If I were to give someone money, it'd have to be someone who DESERVES it, not just some random person that I don't know who's only getting it because of basically a blackmail position.

Then they go out and stand on some fucking stage somewheres and insult the shit out of us and sing their own praises. They're horribly racist towards everyone but themselves, then they cry and bitch for special treatment and money from everyone else, then they still bitch about how their great-grandfather was a slave so they should get a fucking cookie. That makes about as much sense as me collecting life-insurance on everyone in my family who has ever died before me.

How's about everyone just fucks the hell off and we all just earn our own ways through life. Everyone should be treated equally, no one better than the other by the government. There shouldn't be the whole not letting people be cops or get into post-secondary educations just because they're white males. It's like they set it up so it's all crazy ethnic, then throw in some white women, some lesbians, a couple of freaks, and then 3 or 4 white guys just so they can represent each fucking ethnic group in the world like a dorm should always be a fucking rainbow of life or some faggoty shit like that. How about letting people into post-secondary because the faculty believes they can succeed, not because they need four more niggers to fill the rest of the rooms on this floor.

I know a lot of people are getting angry with me at this point for saying the word nigger but I don't care because I don't use it as a racist comment, a nigger is simply an ungrateful bastard who's getting a free-ride in life and if that's ever threatened, they freak out and go on about racism and all that bullshit. A nigger is just some oppressive asshole who's got his finger on the trigger of a political fiasco and will pull it if he's not getting everything for free, everything his way.

I'm sick of all these people in the world getting special treatment because of something that happened 100 years ago when white men really were all assholes and racist bastards and they enslaved people. Well, it doesn't happen now so I'm sure you can just become a productive member of society instead of a fucking leech. If you're thinking of bitching at me and calling me white-devil, racist, a fuckin' cracka, anything at all like that, just think that that's the reason why you're getting a free-ride in life, so just shut up before you lose it and I gain it.

I'm not complaining about black people in general, just those crazy ethnic/gender-based people who believe that they should be given the fucking red-carpet treatment just because they're not a white male. I suppose you're waiting for me to go "They don't know what it feels like to be oppressed!".....give me more credit than that. I know what I'm talking about and it annoys me to no end when people go on about getting whatever special treatment in this world because they're a fucking sob story that has been working for a century. These are the kind of people who should be shot on the spot when they talk about anything remotely close to special treatment or bitching about their people's enslavement.

Do you want to be taken over again? Do you want to be ruled with an iron fist again? I mean, we could easily just turn on every other ethnic group and gender and rule the world, keeping you all in cells with nothing to even piss in. You can rot away for most of your life, then fight back and regain your freedom, then I'll spend a little tax money on you to get that college education. Until you're actually enslaved in the real sense by a bunch of white men, then you won't see a single penny from me.