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This one's not even a close race.

Idiot of the year goes to......Chad Shea. Chad Shea is this year's BIGGEST IDIOT!!!!!! YAY!!1!!one!!1!! Let's take a look at his accomplishments this year, his medal winning year.

To start with, he's a pogey-whore who lives in his grandmother's boarding home and does nothing but drugs all day and night. He's a greasy, annoying, ugly little oxygen thief who has proven his complete and utter stupidity time and time again. He even gets very angry with people when they prove him wrong, going as far as throwing a fit and leaving the room because someone caught him stealing, dun dun dun!

His pinnacle moment of brilliant stupidity was his amazing arguement with me over the metric system vs. the imperial system. He believed that there were 10 centimeters in an inch and 12 inches in a foot, making every foot a whopping 1.2 meters long! Apparently he lives in his own little world, or maybe it's just all the blow and shit the tard does. He tried to call me an idiot, saying that I was completely wrong. The man even went as far as to prove his point using a DICTIONARY!

On top of that stellar performance, he's the world's worst liar. You can practically smell the lies off of him when he's like "I didn't steal that from you!". He doesn't really pick the best times to steal, either. People see him steal, people know he stole from them because he was the only one who WOULD steal from that person, yet he still persisted that he was right and innocent. You've just gotta see this guy, he's a fuckin' card I tell ya. More like the barcode card inserted in most modern-day decks, totally useless since it's a barcode on the inside of the packaging. What? Are you gonna sell it individually or something?

He's had too many moments to speak of, so I'll just stop right here. There's way too much to say about Chad Shea, he's just a fucking natural wonder of the world. I couldn't believe I could find someone THAT stupid AND angry at the same time, it's a beautiful combination.

So congrats Chad, you're a hero to all those other idiots out there. Keep fighting the dumb fight and just hold in there little trooper, I have faith in you. Just take a shower now and then, it's disturbing that a germaphobe could be that dirty.