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What a stupid fuck he is, diets are the devil's work.

So you wanna lose weight since apparently 140 lbs is considered fat for a woman who's 5'7".  You could:
a) Work out honestly and eat balanced meals, ensuring that you have a PROPER intake of all vitamins and minerals, carbs, protein, even some fat.
b) Go on some crazy, stupid, DANGEROUS diet like the Atkin's diet or any protein diet.  You may lose weight, but you'll also be on the weight-ing list for some new kidneys, hehehe.  I love making bad puns.
So there are your options.  Either do the natural, honest thing and actually TRY to lose weight, or go on some crazed dangerous diet that will soon enough have a higher mortality rate than success rate.
Now, I may not have a six-pack or large biceps, but I'm still in considerable shape for what I do on a daily basis.  It's because of my all-natural means of getting into shape in the martial arts and playing sports while eating whenever I could.  I have a decent amount of muscle with a layer of fat protecting them.  I stay warm in the winter and shed the fatty parts during the heat of the summer, cooling my body back down. 
My body can support itself for days without food before getting any real damage happens because it can survive off the fat, being that fat is STORED POTENTIAL ENERGY.  Therefore, if you have no fat, you must continually produce energy from external sources.  Sure, it looks great most times when someone's body is perfectly formed muscle, but I can only imagine the regiment that must happen for the body to survive being in that state.  Not to just keep that state, but to live through it must be tough on the head.
Besides, having sex with a really slight woman feels like sticking your dick in a cheese-grater.  It's not fun or anywhere near comfortable, give me a woman with some meat on her bones any day.