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More christians need to wake up and realize that they are supposed to follow the example by Jesus. I'm not even talking about people in this forum, just christians in general. I just wanted to clear that before continuing.

To live a peaceful, humble life as a carpenter, to gain a following from his teachings, and then to be stabbed in the back by one of your followers and sentenced to death by your own people is quite a tragedy, he was a great martyr. To follow his example is to also essentially follow eastern teachings. Be a good, productive, humble person. Do not let your emotions rule you, do not hold grudges. Help those around you to understand, rather than fighting against them.

I found those teachings growing up in the martial arts. Meibukai Karate taught me many, many more things than simply techniques. I couldn't become angered when I trained, everything just slid aside and I was at peace. I was taught to be a good person, to be humble, things weren't right or wrong, just different, and to never attack. It has affected my life so much more than any religion could possibly have done. There's just so many people getting into full arguements over religion when in all reality, they shouldn't care. It's one thing to debate about things, that's just peaceful conversations. To become angered with it and resort to fighting against things, trying to take them down, trying to censor everything, that's just the opposite of what Jesus tried to teach us.