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Why do they always argue with ME?!

So I was writing reviews for when I got an email from some idiot who disagreed with my point of view.

Now, I don't have the original email he sent me because I never thought I'd be writing this article at that point (BOO!). I will summarize it though, well I suppose I'll translate what I'm sure he was TRYING to say through his own feces.

I'm a huge tool and disagree with what you say, on top of this, I will prove to you my stupidity repeatedly in the matter of 3 lines which state that for some reason, I find Ocarina Of Time to be a better game. Now, the basis for my assumption is that it has a bigger fanbase.....that is all.

So I email him back immediately and berate him mildly since it was his first offence. I simply entitled the email "You're A Retard" (no copy of this one either, he obviously doesn't know how to click "Reply") and went on about how the whole world is full of idiots and if they like it, then it'll have that huge fanbase. Then I told him that Ocarina Of Time is a GOOD game, not the best one by a long shot.

So he retorts (hardly) with this email.....

Subject: Re: You're a retard
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 10:47:11 EST

mediocre eh? tell that hundreeds of milions of zelda fans, a bigger fanbase that halo will ever have. and also, halo is a horrible game. horribly slowdown,few weapons and even fewer enemies, dull, repeating environments and blurry
textures, gritty coloring, no visual effects, its short and easy. and also glitchy cinemas. all that does not make the best game ever, i see you havent been a gamer for a long time, and you never will be.....

Soooooooooo I reply to that one.....this time, much harsher. This email was entitled "No, Really, You're A Retard".

Thanks for proving my statement in your second sentence "tell that hundreeds of milions of zelda fans, a bigger fanbase that halo will ever have.". You seem to be missing the point. The world is FULL of idiots, they overrun the entire world, therefore, if they like something, then it's going to have a huge fanbase. You haven't proved your point at any point in time during your stupid rant.

Besides, when have the "laws" of rating a game involved speed or your obvious poor vision? I have been playing games since the days of VIC-20's and am not overpowered by simply good graphics or a fast game. Halo employs a nice level of strategy (although that seems to be pointless from the raging stupidity you showed in your retort), incredible graphics (I have no clue as to what YOU'RE talking about), great AI (Try challenging yourself sometime, junior), and I suppose you're an Unreal Tournament fan from the sounds of it. They seem to be quite the retarded people since that game is completely useless. Well, the game itself isn't that bad, it's the same stupid strategies that everyone seems to employ in the game. "Hey, let's jump around in circle-strafes and shoot the biggest guns we can find at each other and it doesn't matter where we hit at all unless it's a headshot!", "Rock on! Just let me put on my pseudo-intellectual glasses and listen to bad death metal while I go another 3 days without paying any attention to my hygiene!".

If you want to sit around, playing the same stupid games over and over again, then go right ahead and plop down almost $100 for some bad game that only has you hooked because you've obviously got some obsession with hurting yourself. I think I'll stick with the obviously higher class of video gaming like Halo, Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, and Knights Of The Old Republic. You can keep playing your mediocre games like Unreal Tournament, any Zelda game, and why the hell not, play some other bad variation on Tetris. You're obviously not a real gamer because a real gamer plays GAMES, not graphics displays.

You're completely an average run-of-the-mill gamer and should never, EVER, talk to me ever again. Your attempt at looking cool in front of your loser friends has failed. However, you did manage to prove how much of a retarded douchehole you are. It really helped me in the decision of whether you're just opinionated or stupid. It's quite obvious that the latter of the two is true.

Go fall on a tractor blade or something kid, you're nowhere near my league. Never email me again unless you'd like to become another article in my magazine.

I couldn't even wait to write this article, it was just too much fun!

This is what the world is coming to......we need more intelligent people in this world, the idiots are just overpowering us nowadays, there's just too many of them.